About Us:

Lilac Moon 

   A subsidiaryof ArtNHeaven.

Custom, personalized, poems to help your loved ones deal with their loss.

Lilac Moon was created soon after the passing of my own father's death. I began to write poems for friends, neighbors and loved ones who were dealing with the loss of that special person in their life.

I create the poems custom to each person's personal experience as well as the deceased loved ones traits. I find this very rewarding to see the smile upon my clients faces after reading about their loved ones passing, assuring them that they indeed do live on.

I have always been creative and always enjoyed helping other's out in any time of grief. With Lilac Moon I find it comforting to me and my customer to truly understand that their loved one still remains with them at all times.

     Linda Bach



~True love can never truly die~


It's a very hard and emotional time when someone we love departs this life. There are many emotions flowing through our minds.

Lilac Moon helps ease people's feelings and belief that our loved ones indeed do live on in various ways.

Each poem is truly customized to reflect and honor the life of each individual loved one that has passed.


The good life begins when we bring the smiles back to our customer's faces after they read the personalized poem from the heart that their loved ones are indeed living and free now of all earthly pain.

~I am right beside you.~